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When you visit a state of the art orthodontist’s office today they can be assured that they are not going to be walking into a stogie office that smells of anesthetic and disinfectant. In fact, when you walk through the doors of the ultra modern orthodontists office you are going to feel like you just walked in the home of your dreams. Many of these offices are now set up like living rooms with décor and furniture that many of us only dream about having in our homes. orthodontics
Top this off with a wide-screen TV and you think you have seen it all right? Well in most cases this is just the beginning. Many orthodontic offices are now being built with mini-movie theaters to entertain the kids with perhaps an adjoining game room. It doesn’t stop here either. More info about a great smile here
This same pizzazz is carried right into many of the treatment rooms. During your dental procedures, you most likely will be able to just lay back and enjoy a great movie on the wall-mounted HD television. Then if you would just rather relax, no doubt you will have a large selection of music to enjoy with a pair of infrared or Bluetooth headphones. Don’t pass up the view either. Many orthodontists offices are being strategically built where they offer some amazing views that almost make one think they are on a vacation.
One orthodontist specializing in braces has said that now many patients are quite disappointed when their trips to the orthodontist come to an end. This is especially true with the kids when the mini theaters they find at their orthodontist’s office is far superior to the one they have to spend their allowance on to go and see a movie. Aside from the décor, one can just imagine what the caliber of equipment must be that one would find in offices such as these. Dentist-Orthodontists office visit
In fact many kids now have no qualms about going to an office such as this even for something as significant as braces. With the equipment and technology the orthodontics industry is experiencing, kids are looking at braces as making a fashion statement. Just as an example there is the intraoral video camera. This is a nifty piece of equipment that magnifies a picture of the patient’s teeth and gums allowing the dentist to make a much more precise diagnosis. The best part is you can actually see the picture on a television monitor.
Couple this with the before and after pictures you can see will most likely convince you that the services your orthodontist is offering are both needed and wanted. To top this though has to be the Orthodontic Picasso. This has got to be the most futuristic segment of the modern orthodontist’s office of today. Then when one looks at just how this industry is growing in leaps and bounds, it’s almost become a challenge to visit our orthodontist’s office just to see what’s new.

Teeth alignment treatment has two phases. In the first phase, a set of aligners are used to shift the teeth into the right place. This treatment could take months and after the braces are removed, you have to wear an Invisalign retainer. An Invisalign retainer is used to retain or keep the teeth in the desired place thus preventing it from moving back to their original position. The Invisalign retainer does not use much pressure like the aligner but it is fitted to make sure that the teeth do not fall back to its original place. Invisalign retainers are made through cutting edge technology and can be used by anyone.orthodontists

Invisalign is an alternative to the traditional metal braces. Made of plastic, it is smooth and invisible. Invisalign braces are as effective as metal braces. Invisalign treatment should be followed by the use of an Invisalign retainer. More information here

Developed by Align Technology, the retainers are made with the same material used in Invisalign braces. It is clear and transparent. Invisalign retainers can be removed before eating, brushing or flossing. Since it is transparent, it is almost invisible and no one would know that you are wearing it.

Invisalign retainers should be placed on the teeth immediately after treatment with Invisalign teeth aligners. Since your teeth are being continually shifted for several months, it will not hold their position until supported by a retainer. Without a retainer, there is a chance that the teeth would either move away from its desired position or fall back to its original place, both of which you do not want. The Invisalign retainers are very comfortable to wear and speak. The metal retainers used in the traditional way of treating deformed teeth are visible and uncomfortable.

One of the important features of the Invisalign retainer is that even patients who had aligned their teeth with the traditional devices can use it. The retainers are custom-made. i.e, the dimensions of the retainers are taken from the last teeth aligner used by the patient or from the latest mold of the teeth.

How long should one wear the Invisalign retainer?

Wearing a retainer is as important as wearing braces. For the first two months, the patient is advised to wear the retainer for the whole time only removing it to eat or brush. After two months, the Invisalign retainer should be worn only at night time. It is for the orthodontist/dentist that you see to decide when to stop wearing retainers.

Invisalign Retainer Longevity

The retainer should be replaced with new ones at regular interval. When the retainer is used for a long time, it tends to change its shape thus failing to support the teeth as it should be. So, a new set of retainers are made and used. On average, 4 retainers should be used by a patient after the treatment. clear braces - Invisalign

Invisalign is a modern approach to an issue that not only has health benefits but also has cosmetic benefits. A great set of teeth is a big confidence booster in this world where looks are everything. Invisalign aligners and an Invisalign retainer help you have that beautiful smile. Please visit this website

Invisalign is Nothing like the Traditional Metal Braces

Invisalign is nothing like the traditional metal braces that are used for aligning teeth. It is a fairly new technology unlike the metal braces that have been in use for decades. In appearance, it is a series of transparent, removable braces and it is made of plastic. Yes, it does look feeble in appearance compared to the wire and brackets metal braces. So, the first question that comes to your minds is, does Invisalign work? And exactly how does Invisalign work? Answers to these questions are simple. Invisalign braces are as effective as traditional braces. And it has many advantages that are lacking in the treatment with metal braces. The growing popularity of Invisalign itself is a credible proof of its effectiveness. Continue reading so you can answer the question “Does Invisalign Work?” clear braces - invisalign

Treatment with Invisalign is just like treatment with traditional braces. Invisalign does work exactly like the way a metal brace would make the teeth shift. You have to wear the Invisalign braces according to the instructions of a trained Orthodontist/ dentist. Invisalign braces will gently shift your teeth at the desired rate and to the desired place set by your doctor.

Invisalign braces are custom made to fit the requirements of your teeth as mentioned by the doctor. You will need to upgrade to a new brace every two weeks.

Does Invisalign work on everyone?

Yes. Regardless of age, Invisalign can be used on everyone including adults and teenagers. It can be used to treat adults who want to make a better impression by improving their smile and teenagers who are forced to take up treatment due to deformities in their teeth.

Does Invisalign work in all cases?

Contrary to popular belief that Invisalign works only on minor orthodontic issues, studies have proven that Invisalign can be used to treat almost all cases as effectively as metal braces.

Does Invisalign Work – Here is list of treatable cases with Invisalign

1. Spaced teeth
2. Overly crowded teeth
3. Crossbite
4. Under bite

Does Invisalign work even if I remove them from time to time?

Invisalign are removable braces. So, yes, you can remove them from time to time but you have to wear them most of the time to make it work as desired. It is advisable to remove Invisalign before eating. Removing Invisalign for short periods of time to consume food will not make a difference in the results. invisalign braces

Why does Invisalign work for you?

The benefits of Invisalign are not only in making the teeth right. It is also about comfort and convenience. You are able to eat anything you want. It is less painful and does not irritate your mouth. 50% of the patients using metal braces develop tooth decay. The removable Invisalign braces make sure that your teeth remain healthy and shiny throughout the treatment period. When compared to metal braces, the average time is taken for Invisalign treatment is far less. With the transparent Invisalign braces, you don’t have to hide that great smile of yours. Thus, the answer to the question does Invisalign works is in the affirmative. It not only works, but it also works great!