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Are you facing difficulty with a worn out, chipped, missing or stained tooth or teeth? If so, you will know how awkward it is as the teeth have a great effect on the personality and confidence of a person. There are several advancements in dentistry that have come up with several treatment options for those who are suffering from the embarrassing dental imbalances. Due to extensive cavities, traumatic injuries or periodontal disease, many people face the loss of single or many teeth. These dental defects will spoil the facial appearance, and make it tough for them to eat or chew properly as well as speech difficulties. Here are some common dental treatments that replace one or more teeth that are missing.

Dental bridge: The dental bridge treatment is used in replacing the missing teeth, and it is also called fixed dental prosthesis. It is made of two or more crowns that are placed on the healthy teeth adjacent to the missing one.

Dentures: This is a removable prosthesis for the missing teeth that is designed in  to look and work similar to the natural teeth. It is fabricated using acrylic resins, and it is used to cover the upper or lower jaw. There are partial dentures that are comprised of the replacement teeth which are attached to the gum or pink colored framework of metal holding the denture in its place.

Dental implants: The dental implants are the main option for missing teeth. This has gained increasing acceptance in dentistry, and it is the most preferred dental treatment over the other procedures. In this method, the prosthesis teeth are inserted using the modern technology and work in a better way.

Any great Cosmetic Dentist is able to help you with these issues