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Vitamins and minerals have an important role to play in your dental health. If you take in a diet that has the right levels of nutrients, your oral health will be exceptional. In case, there is a deficiency of some vitamins and minerals n your body, it will result in bacterial infections in your mouth that will result in serious dental health circumstances. In order to avoid such a situation, make sure your diet includes the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin B helps in fighting the gum diseases as it helps in converting the food particles into energy and also forms red blood cells. The deficiency of this vitamin will result in weakening of the teeth and gums and gingivitis. Vitamin C will prevent your teeth and gums from developing infections and diseases. If you have the periodontal gum diseases, the lack of vitamin C will increase swelling and bleeding. Vitamin D helps in the strengthening of the immunity against developing gum diseases and it also absorbs calcium that will help in building strong teeth.

When it comes to minerals, calcium is the most important mineral as it is necessary to keep your bones and teeth healthy and in perfect shape. If you consume low quantities of calcium, it will be reabsorbed into the blood leaving none for the teeth. On the other hand, if you consume high levels of calcium, it will be put back into the teeth and bones. This process is regulated by vitamin D. The other mineral that is essential for a good dental health is phosphorus as it makes the teeth and bones strong.

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