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Do You Care About Your Smile? - Orthodontic Treatment Will Help

Do you care about your smile? That was a rhetorical question, of course, you do! Everyone cares about their appearance. Yet, for some reason, there is an idea floating around in many people’s heads that having medical procedures done for purely cosmetic reasons is somehow selfish and vain. But the truth is that everyone cares about the way they look, and not everyone is dealt the best hand in terms of appearance. This is especially true with teeth. For many, who were not given early orthodontic treatment when they needed it, they have had to grow up with a serious case of malocclusion, which is a medical term for misaligned teeth. This is much more than a minor dental issue only shallow people would care about but is usually a major problem for people’s well-being.clear braces - invisalign

If you’re someone who’s grown up with malocclusion, then you know it’s hard. Every time you feel happy, every time you want to smile, that good feeling is accompanied by the embarrassment that comes from knowing you’re exposing a major physical flaw that you don’t feel good about. That’s an unfortunate situation, but luckily one that modern orthodontics can remedy.

While most people receive orthodontic care when they’re young, which is when it’s easiest, many do not, so you aren’t alone. The reason it’s so much easier to treat kids is that they don’t care as much about their appearance, and so don’t mind wearing the traditional braces, which are the cheapest and easiest way to resolve malocclusion. But the good news is that there are now several adult solutions to the problem, which don’t involve wearing tiny metal train tracks on the fronts of your teeth, which is fantastic. It feels good to know that a problem you have can be solved, and that, best of all, most dental plans will pay for it. Add to that the fact that dental coverage is cheaper than it’s ever been, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, and you have a recipe for a brighter smile.

So what do orthodontists have to offer adults? The solutions that are geared toward adult care in orthodontics today are either some variation on the concept of braces or a newer alternative that parts ways with the braces approach. Remember, braces are basically metal brackets glued to the teeth, and wires connecting them, being used to pull them apart or closer together. It’s essentially a way of creating pressure on the teeth, to very slowly pull them apart, or push them together.

Some of the adult solutions don’t stray too far from the traditional idea of braces but simply use different materials. Clear braces, as well as ceramic, simply use brackets that are made of either clear plastic, of color-matched ceramics, to blend in better with your teeth. They still have a single wire running across each row of teeth, so they aren’t a completely invisible solution, but they are surprisingly less deleterious to personal appearance than fully metal braces do. Still, these may not be covert enough for many people.

Lingual braces are a great option, that is actually pretty close to being invisible. This is because, although they are fully metal, their brackets are attached to the backs of the teeth, rather than the fronts. This means that they “hide” behind the teeth themselves, and so are virtually unnoticeable. The one drawback to this type of braces is that they can’t be used on all cases of malocclusion.

However, there is one other option, that is the newest, and the most technologically advanced. Invisalign takes a totally novel approach to smile correction, and in fact is not a type of braces, at all. Invisalign uses a totally different technology from braces, which is called aligners. Aligners are transparent plastic casings that fit over your teeth, in just such a way that they are comfortable to wear, yet doing so applies pressure to your teeth to conform to a new, more aesthetically pleasing alignment. They are created this way using laser scans of your teeth, which will be taken by your orthodontist, and then they are machine-printed to fit perfectly over them. They also are removable, which is a major advantage for eating, since other types of braces tend to get food stuck in them. The only drawback to Invisalign is that you must visit your orthodontist more often, to have new aligners created.

Clearly, orthodontists are making their best effort to have as many options available to adults as possible. Nobody wants to live with crooked teeth, and with all of the treatments at your disposal, you don’t have to. Do yourself a favor, and schedule an appointment with your local orthodontic office, today.

Ways To Maintain Your Child’s Oral Health During The Holidays

We all know that the holidays can be a stressful time, and it is easy to overlook certain things. One of those things may be oral hygiene. It is easy to skip a day (or two) of brushing when you are running around like a crazy person, tending to holiday preparations. So here are some tips and tricks for navigating special occasions without putting your child’s oral health on the back burner.
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Pay Attention to Your Child’s Snacking Habits

The holidays are a time when there are lots of delicious sweets and treats around. While it is nice to indulge in some candy or cookies every once in a while, be sure that your child does not make this a habit. In fact, it is best if everyone in your household refrains from overindulging in sweets. This will send the message to your child that they aren’t being punished; everyone is taking care of his or her oral health. When your son or daughter does have a sweet treat, make sure that he or she brushes his or her teeth before the day ends. In addition, offer your child sugarless gum to help quell his or her sweet tooth while promoting salivary production and helping to clear particles of food from his or her mouth. If the gum contains xylitol, it can even help eliminate oral bacteria.

Give the Gift of Oral Health

The holidays are the perfect time to treat your child to a tooth-related gift. Sneak a new soft toothbrush into his or her Christmas stocking, or fill his or her Easter basket with some fresh dental floss. Sure, you can add some other goodies in there as well, but you should always take an opportunity to promote good brushing and flossing habits! For the New Year, get your child excited about visiting the dentist if he or she has never been before. Pediatric dentists recommend that children begin going to the dentist soon after their first teeth present. san Antonio children's dentist

Know How Different Foods Affect Your Child’s Teeth

You know that sweet and sugary foods can lead to cavities and tooth decay, but there are other foods that can either hurt or help your child’s mouth, too. For instance, starches, especially those that are cooked, get broken down into sugars, and this makes them prime suspects for causing tooth decay. On the other hand, calcium-rich foods, such as milk and cheese, can give a healthful boost to your child’s teeth by neutralizing the naturally occurring acids in the saliva.

Most importantly, enjoy the holidays and have your child see one of our dentists on a regular basis.

Incognito braces are types of braces for teeth straightening and alignment which is completely invisible as they are placed in the lingual area (means the back of the tooth). These braces are also called as Lingual Braces. Dentist-Orthodontists office visitThese brace are placed on the backside of the teeth. Generally, these braces are made up of cast-gold brackets and are custom-made for everybody. As compared to the traditional metal braces these braces are much more superior in all respects like these are better designed which helps in getting rid from all the well-known hassles of the metal braces.

These braces make a person feel more confident and make them look more aesthetically pleasing by removing the old metal braces which were seen whenever you smile, laugh or open your mouth. These braces have made a lot of people feel happy about their looks with the completely invisible braces. These braces are very comfortable and can be worn throughout the period of the treatment. These braces ensure a beautiful smile as they correct the shape and straightness of the teeth. When comparing these braces with the invisible braces which are transparent in nature and envelop the whole teeth to get it straightened and get it in good shape have an upper hand as you do not have to forget or remember to put on or remove the braces.

Incognito Braces are customized with intelligent wires and brackets perfectly engineered to deliver the targeted results your smile always deserves. No matter where your teeth start, they’ll end up beautifully straight. As these are designed by a highly experienced dentist or an orthodontist they fit perfectly and even add to your looks of you. These braces are comparatively expensive than the metal and invisible braces as the engineering and the time goes into the product is on a very high side. However, they are completely worth the price as they have lots of advantages over the other product available in the market segment. People who can wear them are adults, people who do not want any damage on the front of the teeth, people concerned about the looks after they wear metal braces, teens and sportsmen who play contact sports. These braces are a very good and popular idea which is trying to make the market to prefer incognito braces only as all the other braces have some or the other problem related to it.

These braces take a little time to adjust in the mouth of the patient and after that the comfortability increases. These braces have recently gained high popularity in a very short period of time. These have proven to have benefits of both metal braces and invisible braces. They have taken the stability of the metal brace and the invisibility of the invisible brace. These braces can be bought to derive high results as they are manufactured using the latest technology and under the supervision of the various experts on the subject.

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