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Dental Crowding

Severely crowded or overlapped teeth are difficult to clean properly. In some severe cases of crowding, teeth are placed in front of each other, making it difficult for the average person to clean. It becomes easier not to brush teeth, especially when the gums are tender and bleed easily.
With poor hygiene, Plaque and bacteria grow around the teeth which cause accumulation of calculus or tartar. Over time,if left untreated, calculus gets under the gum line and the waste products in the bacteria attack the supporting teeth structures, dissolving them. At this stage, the patient has developed periodontitis or gum disease. Gum disease causes bad breath and there will be an unpleasant taste in the mouth. orthodontics
Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss. Bacterial toxins and the body’s natural response to infection start to break down the bone and connective tissue that hold teeth in place. If not treated, the bones, gums, and tissue that support the teeth are destroyed. The teeth may eventually become loose and have to be removed.

Because of the difficulty patients with crowded teeth have in keeping good hygiene, another significant problem is decay. The decay that is caused by the waste products of bacteria destroys the enamel and the softer dentin underneath. Decay develops in areas where food becomes trapped and causes plaque. Decay is common between the teeth in patients without crowding but is much more common in the case of crowded teeth. The decay starts in areas that are almost impossible to see, so by the time of discovery, it involves several surfaces of the tooth. orthodontic treatment
Besides a higher incidence of caries and gum disease, severe crowding affects people’s speech, by the difficulty experienced to properly pronounce some sounds. Crowding can also affect people’s health, because of not chewing properly and finally, it can affect self-esteem. At Saba Orthodontics, Dr. Saba can give you a beautiful smile that gives you confidence and betters your oral health just like she has for thousands of others. Visit us at for more information or call for a complimentary consultation at our Dental office

Crooked and Gapped Teeth

Nobody likes a crooked or gapped smile. In reality, the majority of people with crooked or gapped teeth are extremely self-conscious about their appearance, and live their lives not smiling. Our Orthodontics Providers have the ability to change all that at their Invisalign practice with one of the most revolutionary orthodontic treatments ever created, Invisalign.orthodontics

The Invisalign system consists of a series of virtually invisible clear aligners that you replace every two weeks. Each aligner is custom-made and is designed to progressively shift your teeth into proper alignment. Because each aligner is specially made to exact calculation to fit your bite and smile, you can rest assured that we will be creating a smile that truly fits you.

We will first start by examining your mouth including your teeth, jaws, jaw joints, muscles and view them as a complete functional system and decide whether Invisalign is the correct treatment. Our Orthodontists will then take precise impressions of your teeth that are submitted to the Invisalign labs. Using the latest advances in 3-D computer technology, Invisalign will create your custom aligners based upon our instructions. Each set of aligners is worn for two weeks, shifting your teeth gradually millimeter by millimeter every week until the very best results have been achieved. The typical turnaround on a full Invisalign treatment usually last about 12 months, however each case is different and may require more or less time. Please visit this website

Invisalign Express consists of a maximum of 10 trays in the system, which is a minimum of 20 weeks of treatment not including retainer treatment. This is for cases that require little movement, mild crowding and mild to no rotation. It is a great system for rebound cases of people who had braces before.clear braces - invisalign

Unlike traditional metal braces that everyone can see, Invisalign is almost completely invisible and undetectable. Invisalign will not hold you back because you can completely remove your aligners to eat, drink, brush and floss. You will also enjoy the comfort of not feeling irritation to your gums and cheeks because unlike tradition metal braces, Invisalign has smooth edges.

If you are ready to transform your appearance and live your life smiling, call your Anaheim Invisalign Providers, Dr. James Kim and Dr. David Tipton today.

Invisalign Teen patients of San Antonio are now finding it easier to smile thanks to our Orthodontists. Like its predecessor, Invisalign, Invisalign Teen uses a series of removable, clear plastic aligners that straighten a teen’s smile millimeter by millimeter week by week.

Invisalign Teen can be used to treat overly crooked teeth, crowded teeth, widely spaced teeth, overbites, crossbites and underbites. Only a certified Invisalign Provider like Dr. David Tipton can determine if Invisalign Teen is the right orthodontic treatment for you. More on this website
After consulting with our Orthodontist at the Invisalign Practice, impressions of your teeth are made and the aligners are constructed using the latest of 3-D technology that map your teeth’s movement.

These new teen-targeted aligners are shaped in a way that allows your permanent teeth to grow in with ease. They have a Blue Dot Wear Indicator, which fades away every two weeks, thus letting you know when a new set of aligners are needed. Invisalign Teen easily adapts to a teen’s busy and active lifestyle by offering free replacement aligners should they get lost.invisalign braces

Because Invisalign Teen is virtually invisible, teens are finding themselves smiling more during and after treatment. Getting teased for having braces is now a thing of the past. Invisalign Teen patients are having the confidence to succeed both in and outside school. Invisalign Teen aligners are easy to remove, hence promoting better oral hygiene as well as offering a pain-free experience with less irritation to the gums and mouth. The best part about Invisalign is that they can be removed for those special occasions in a teenager’s life like graduation or prom.

: Am I A Good Candidate For Dental Implants.
According to your Dentist in San Antonio, Dental implants are a permanent solution to your missing tooth problem, and should be given top consideration for reasons such as strength/durability, cost, price, pain and suffering.
Dental Implants cannot be compared to dentures, because dental implants offer a permanent set of brand new teeth, and those old flapping dentures are removable. dental implants san antonio
Dental implants are very durable and will cost you less money and pain over your lifetime. The durability of the high quality material we use will allow you to save thousands of dollars on continued costs of dentures and the pain and suffering associated with bone loss and loss of jaw strength. Those who qualify for the implants usually have a perfect success rate. Over 97% of the dental implant procedures have been successful, However not everyone can get these implants. Below is a list of things to look for in determining if you are an ideal candidate for the implants.
What Is Your Dental health?
Your overall dental health should be good if you want to get dental implants says our dentist in San Antonio. That means that you should have healthy gums. If your gums are infected, then you need to get them treated before you can get the implants installed.
If the gum disease is severe, then it would not be advisable for you to have the implants placed, rather we would first provide you with the treatment you need to be in optimal dental health. Once you are in good dental condition the we can re-assess your situation.While your investment in Dental implants can be $2k to $3k up front, over the rest of your life you will not have to worry about the costs associated with wearing dentures and the larger dental health problem of bone loss.
That is expensive!
You are encouraged to consider the number of damaged teeth that you have, and discussing a finance and payment option with your dentist, as they can provide you with better choices that will benefit your appearance and pocket book. Sounds Good? What Is Your Bodys/Physical Health? Another factor to consider is your body or physical health. Your body’s ability to heal once the dental implants are placed is most affected by the current state of your physical health. When you get implants, your gums should be able to heal naturally fast, and this can only be possible if your overall health is good. Dental Implant
Poor health may mean that your immune system is weak and this can pose a risk to your gums as the chances of getting infections increase with your poor health. Your Dentist in San Antonio recommends that your overall health should be good if you wish to have the best experience having dental implants placed. Dentist San Antonio: What About Smokers?
Smoking affects your gums and your teeth just as it does your overall physical health, and it does so in a negative manner. Recent studies have shown that smokers take longer to heal from all types of surgeries than non smokers. Hence if you are a smoker, dental implants may not be the best option for you, physically and financially. Another great reason to move past smoking. Better health and looks!
What About Diabetes?
( People who suffer from diabetes are more prone to infections than those that do not suffer from diabetes. Therefore if you are diabetic, dental implants are an option that need to be discussed with your best option for the information to make your decisionsWe are highly trained in the field periodontics, which is a study of the entire mouth and gums. We have a testimonial from one of our diabetic patients here. dental financing
What About My Dental and Physical Hygiene?
According to your dentist San Antonio the final thing to consider is both your dental hygiene and your general body hygiene. There are people who do not care about their dental hygiene. For these people getting dental implants is not a good idea for them as the implants require a lot of care so as to ensure that their investment in dental implants will last for a long time. These are the things to look at in order to know if you are a good candidate for the implants. However the final decision will be yours as you have to consider the possible lifestyle changes that come with dental implants. Call your dentist San Antonio