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Ways To Maintain Your Child’s Oral Health During The Holidays

Ways To Maintain Your Child’s Oral Health During The Holidays

We all know that the holidays can be a stressful time, and it is easy to overlook certain things. One of those things may be oral hygiene. It is easy to skip a day (or two) of brushing when you are running around like a crazy person, tending to holiday preparations. So here are some tips and tricks for navigating special occasions without putting your child’s oral health on the back burner.
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Pay Attention to Your Child’s Snacking Habits

The holidays are a time when there are lots of delicious sweets and treats around. While it is nice to indulge in some candy or cookies every once in a while, be sure that your child does not make this a habit. In fact, it is best if everyone in your household refrains from overindulging in sweets. This will send the message to your child that they aren’t being punished; everyone is taking care of his or her oral health. When your son or daughter does have a sweet treat, make sure that he or she brushes his or her teeth before the day ends. In addition, offer your child sugarless gum to help quell his or her sweet tooth while promoting salivary production and helping to clear particles of food from his or her mouth. If the gum contains xylitol, it can even help eliminate oral bacteria.

Give the Gift of Oral Health

The holidays are the perfect time to treat your child to a tooth-related gift. Sneak a new soft toothbrush into his or her Christmas stocking, or fill his or her Easter basket with some fresh dental floss. Sure, you can add some other goodies in there as well, but you should always take an opportunity to promote good brushing and flossing habits! For the New Year, get your child excited about visiting the dentist if he or she has never been before. Pediatric dentists recommend that children begin going to the dentist soon after their first teeth present. san Antonio children's dentist

Know How Different Foods Affect Your Child’s Teeth

You know that sweet and sugary foods can lead to cavities and tooth decay, but there are other foods that can either hurt or help your child’s mouth, too. For instance, starches, especially those that are cooked, get broken down into sugars, and this makes them prime suspects for causing tooth decay. On the other hand, calcium-rich foods, such as milk and cheese, can give a healthful boost to your child’s teeth by neutralizing the naturally occurring acids in the saliva.

Most importantly, enjoy the holidays and have your child see one of our dentists on a regular basis.

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