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Most of the people face some sort of dental problems, but they avoid visiting a density as they are scared of the pain that is involved during a dental surgery. In fact, many people do not take proper care of their teeth and gums, and they visit a dentist only when they in utter pain. Here are some dental tips that help you prevent pain in your teeth and gums.

Brush and floss everyday: The first and foremost dental tip is to keep away from the gum troubles and cavities by regularly brushing and flossing your teeth. A majority of the people who come with Scale & Polish (S&P) once in a month or two do so as they fail to clean their teeth on a regular basis.

Regular check-ups: It is advisable to go through regular dental check-ups. You will get to know if there is any trouble with your teeth and gums if you undergo such check-ups on a regular basis. The frequency of such checks depends on your oral health as well as how well you take care of your teeth and gums.

Visit the same dentist: Visiting the same dentist will save your money considerably. The other important advantage is that the dentist will know your oral health history as he or she will know your teeth and gums better over time.

Transfer the file: If you have moved to different places frequently, you might not be able to consult a particular dentist regularly. In such cases, you can ask your dentist to transfer your file to the new one so that the dentist gets to know about the dental issues you are facing.

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Everyone loves to eat, but there are many consequences that will affect your health in numerous ways. Other than weight gain and poor physical health, your teeth and gums will also get affected greatly due to a bad diet. Eating right will maintain your physical as well as dental health. It is essential to choose the right foods in order to give a boost to your dental health. If you want to maintain a healthy smile and stay in appropriate weight, you will have to consume the right diet that comprises of less processed food and more of fruits and vegetables. This blog deals with some of the best food options that will enhance your dental health.

Fluoride prevents tooth decay, and this is made evident scientifically. You can consider drinking water that has fluoride in it as it is most affordable source of fluoride that will help in your dental health. The next thing is fiber. Fiber is added to most of the breakfast food items, and so you need to ensure you have foods that are rich in fiber either as natural sources or additives. Raw fruits and vegetables have a lot of fiber content that will help in the removal of plaque build up on the teeth. Even pears, cucumbers, carrots and apples are great options for a good dental health. The other options include low fat dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and milk that are rich in calcium responsible for strong bones and teeth. You can also consider consuming nuts rich in calcium and whole grains that have magnesium, iron, and vitamin B.

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